😊My interests right now😊

Helllllloooooooo!! How is everybody doing?? HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I was going to say a few days ago- but I’ve been sooooo busy with the new year😊

Today I wanted to share my interests with you because i think that we should all do that so you know how to talk and tell someone things🤗

Right now I am loving my pastel pink mini 8 Polaroid💖💖 it is sooo cute and it is sooo thrilling when you take the photo

I am also loving denim shorts💖 I love all the different colours and the way they feel and go with all looks😍

I’m also loving lace, mint, Instagram, vans, headphones and stationary😊😊

Oh My Gosh I just realised that my iPad is on 4% and I really need to charge it😂😂

my favourite song right now is Drag Me Down by One Direction💖 I listen to it when I am sad or I need some cheering up😊

My favourite board game right now is Pictionary💖

My favourite sport right now is cricket💖 I have loved cricket for A G E S  and I really love it💕 Right now I am watching the Renagades Vs the Stars and it is really exciting🤗

Thank yoooooouuuuuuu for reading😘

Lots of love💖






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